Cubitos Board Game Organizers

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  • Variante 1: Color Dice Box
  • Variante 2: Cubitos Card Box
  • Variante 3: Cubitos Card Box Top
  • Variante 4: Gray Deep Top Box
  • Variante 5: Gray Shallow Top Box
  • Variante 6: Large Dice Tray
  • Variante 7: Sliding Lid
  • Variante 8: Small Dice Tray


Die originale Beschreibung des Autors

This is an organizer for the board game, Cubitos.

I wanted to keep the overall aesthetic of the cube theme, but didn't card for dealing with the folded cardboard storage cubes that came with it. The ones I made here are the same dimensions, but use a sliding trap door for dropping the cubes in, or taking them out for the display and game play.

The color cubes also have a built-in slot in the top back for holding up the card that describes the abilities of that die.

For the gray cubes, I lowered the door on one version, so that all the hand tokens could fit in one without spilling out. There is also a shallower gray cube for the credit tokens, it still takes two to display them, but they are deeper so they don't fall out. There is a 4th gray cube that is for storage of all the starter dice, I don't use it for game play. It fills out the game box so there's no gaps.

Everything fits nicely back into the original box without its cardboard insert. I kept the larger cardboard box that came with it, but just as a filler for packing away. It's empty now. I also made some personal dice trays that take up the extra space in the box. They can be stacked 2 by 2 and fill the gap. And there is an optional smaller dice tray. When put away, I arrange the boxes around and the height is good to support the instructions and the boards.

A couple important production notes:

**I added some tiny supports in the door slot so that when the top is printed over them, it won't droop. After printing, I just cut them out with an exacto knife.

**Test the fit of the sliding door in each box. Depending on the printer and the filament, they may come out tight or loose. On the ones that were tight, I just took a metal tool, and scraped the inside of the slot just to reduce the friction to where I wanted it. On the loose ones, you can reprint the lid just a tad 1 more layer.

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Cubitos Board Game Organizers by Jeff510
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