Floor vent guard for stupid robot vacuums

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This is probably something I will be the only one to ever use, but eh.

We have a couple of robot vacuums. The heavy hitter is the Neato Botvac connected, but as good as it is it kind of sucks at edge cleaning. That's where the cheapo Chinese knockoff comes in - the Ecovacs Robotics Deebots. There's other 'brands' out there they look almost identical. Unfortunately they're also dumb as a sack of hammers... but they do edging really well due to the big swirling brushes they use to funnel debris in towards the main brush.

Problem is the drop sensors are stupid sensitive and our little guy loves to pick a fight with one of the AC floor vents in one bathroom. It's the old style run of the mill metal vent that has not changed as far back as I can remember as kid in the 70s. Without fail the poor little Deebot gets immediately stuck on the vent due to the rudimentary drop sensor (An simple IR LED/beam and a receiver) and it gets 'stuck' between the metal slats. It hardly tries to free itself before just going catatonic and calling for help.

SO I whipped this up in Tinkercad to guard the front of this particular air vent. It's not fancy, and could use some improvements, but it works well enough.

Things it could use - A way to hook over the vent itself. It's not very secure, especially on tile, so I used some spray adhesive to attach it to the vent and that keeps it still. If used on carpet it could use some teeth on the bottom to help it stay in place. It could use some bracing as well, but it works. It's in two parts due to the size, with a little bridge piece that allows for some adjustment for longer vents.

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Floor vent guard for stupid robot vacuums by ShippingMammals
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