Game cart holder (SNES, N64, Gameboy/GBA, DS, NES)

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Halterung für Retro Konsolen Spiele - Konfigurierbar nach freiem Wunsch

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Verfügbare Spieleslots: 1-8

Verfügbare Systeme:

  • SNES (PAL)
  • N64
  • Gameboy/GBC/GBA
  • DS/3DS
  • NES

Originale Beschreibung von Thingiverse:

These game cart stands allow you to keep your games ready to play and on display in a visually pleasing manner, while protecting the connectors from dust.

Customizer allows you to choose the cart type and the amount of carts you want to put on display.

If you want to make a cart holder for just a couple of carts (like, 1 to 3), you might want to add support legs in the customizer. This will prevent the holder from falling over. Most cart types don't really need support legs, but I haven't done much testing with small numbers of carts. Please write about your experiences down in the comments!

Currently supported cart types: SNES (PAL), SNES (NTSC), N64, Gameboy/GBA, DS/3DS, NES

SNES NTSC version possible thanks to testing by blackbird68

NES version possible thanks to testing by McSwindler


Game cart holder (SNES, N64, Gameboy/GBA, DS, NES) by stuffperson

Published on December 18, 2016

Creative Commons - Attribution