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I needed a toolbox for some basic gardening tools for my apartment's veranda. The foot isn't necessary but does allow the toolbox to sit above ground and drain through the holes in its sides, I'd recommend TPU for this foot and PETG for the box. Don't use PLA because it will degrade in the sunlight (if you are planning on leaving this outside) fact :)

A special feature of this box are the draining slots in each compartment, complete with a slanted bottom to help dirt and water drain from the toolbox. The shovels fit better if you arrange them such that their tips fit in the drainage slots.

Please read below before asking questions:

Will my tools fit in this box?

Please see the image where I lay out a ruler to indicate the sizes of my tools (for which this box was made). You can scale you model in your slicer against this if your tools are of a different size. I use the wide shovel for reference.

Why does your toolbox foot have red/black layering?

I ran out of red TPU so hot-swapped filaments for this job, hence the dual color. There are only two parts (not three) in this project.

Loose fit on foot to box?

It should be snug, but if you want to be a pro, use some Gorilla Glue on the frame of the foot and bond them together overnight (put a couple of textbooks on top of them) a pro.

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