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  • Variante 1: NIA case Bluefly BUTTON
  • Variante 2: NIA case Bluefly CASE
  • Variante 3: NIA case Bluefly LID
  • Variante 4: NIA case Bluefly v12.2-BUTTON
  • Variante 5: NIA case Bluefly v12.2-CASE
  • Variante 6: NIA case Bluefly v12.2-LID


Die originale Beschreibung des Autors

A case for using the Kobo NIA e-reader with a BlueFly vario as flight instrument.
The vario used for modeling was a BlueFly TTL v12 but I tried also a v8 version and it fits perfectly.
UPDATE: Added a new version to accomodate the [new bigger board of BlueFly v12.2](http://blueflyvario.blogspot.com/2021/11/blueflyvariottlgpsv122-released.html)

This one has been developped in collaboration with [Simon Walker](https://www.thingiverse.com/simonwalker1968/designs) who kindly provided measurement of the Nia and printed two times the item.

You will need two M4 screws to hold the lid, better if you find some rounded head ones.

Attach the vario board to the bottom of the case with a little piece of two-sided adhesive tape and don't forget to stick some neoprene on the bottom of the lid to protect from light the barometric sensor.

Remove the back cover of the Kobo and fit it under the ledge on the straight side of the case, then hold it down with the other ledge on the lid.
You can use some thin neoprene or mousse stripes (the one for window insulating is ok here, but not for the vario) to hold it better in place and avoid vibrations (see picture).

Optionally there is room for an extra battery under the Kobo, secure it to the bottom with double-sided tape.

The two holes on the side are to be used for a lanyard, tie the knot inside the case for best results.

[Kobo NIA](https://help.kobo.com/hc/it/articles/360044770273-Kobo-Nia)
[BlueFly TTL v12](http://blueflyvario.blogspot.com/2018/07/blueflyvariottlgpsv12-released.html)

It's better to print the lid upside down, with little supports for the counterbores.
No need for supports for the case.

Mehr Informationen zum Modell und dem Einsatzzweck gibt es eventuell auf der Projektseite selbst: www.thingiverse.com/thing:4758341


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Kobo NIA BlueFly case by ulipo
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