Logitech C170 Front Cover Replacement for Additional Lenses

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The time has come for me to install and try Octoprint and Octolapse and I have opted to use my old Logitech C170 camera. But optics on it are too much narrow and I have seen on thingiverse replacements for front covers of webcams to allow inserting lenses that are now popular as addons for mobile phones (fisheye, tele-lens, etc). And I had one of those lenses lying around. So I have made replacement front cover for Logitech C170 that can accommodate my new lens.

Since I don't have any need for microphone I have left it inside covered with new cover, but if you want to keep that option you can drill 2-3 small holes through new cover to allow sound to pass through.

I didn't want to bother with screwing the new cover so I have super-glued it to camera body. Lens itself is not glued, in my case it fits just enough to hold it in place and maybe, if I get another lens, I can replace it easily.

There is bright green LED just next to camera and now when the camera is ON, LED will glow, and that light would bounce from inside of my new lens into camera giving some green ghosting in photos, so I have colored that LED with black acrylic color, you can use marker or masking tape.

Supports are needed just for small notch, as a small ring, that can be easily removed and doesn't affects outside appearance. This notch is to accommodate new lens metal ring that goes after the threaded part.

There are 2 object in STL. 1 is with my camera hole, and I have made one without hole, so you can measure lens you have and add the hole to fit your lens

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Logitech C170 Front Cover Replacement for Additional Lenses by Mancha
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