Mean Well LRS 350 24v PSU Mounting Case

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(All Parts and Hardware used is listed at the end of the summery, along with where I purchased the parts)

I found several PSU case mounts for the Ender 3 Pro, but I decided to go with my own design. It bolts down at the far edge of the right and left frame rails. I have duel power supplies. I mounted them to my Ender 3 Pro on each Side with 4 - M3 screws and 4 - t-nuts.

I have included 2 versions of the PSU case, one with supports already in the print, and one with out supports in the print. You will need supports for the 2 holes in the PSU case. I made my own supports and knocked them out after printing and filed the surfaces smooth.

I also swapped out the stock fans for Noctua Quert Fans, adjusted the screw holes to match baffle and new fans. So you might want to check to see if the baffle still fits the stock holes.
Only un-screw one screw at a time, mount one side of the baffle, then un-screw the other screw, and swing the baffle back into place and replace screw. Also, I had to add a 24v to12v Buck Converter to the inside of the power supply. Mounted it with Hot Glue to insulate it from the metal case. Put down one layer about 3mm thick. Let it harden, then glue the Buck Converter to the first layer and let dry. Do your soldering before gluing.
Use a Multimeter to set the potentiometer output voltage to 12v, mine was set at 10.2v,
so I adjusted it to 12v. I have included a picture of the Mini Buck Converter with a layout and instructions for terminal points and settings warning. I also included a wiring diagram for the AC Input Fused Switch.

I also printed a fan baffle I found here on Thingiverse, but changed the logo to
"Mean Well LRS 350" (See Picture)
Original Design by: SvenKielmann

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT get paid for adding these links to Amazon products. Its where I but 99% of my 3D Printer parts and supplies. Among other items.

Parts and Hardware Links:

Noctua 60mm x 10mm Fans 12v (Qty 2 - One for each PSU))

24v to 12v Mini Buck Converter: (Qty 2 - One for each PSU)

Mean Well LRS 350 24v PSU (Qty 1)

A/C Fused Switch Input (Qty 1)

M3 Screw Assortment Set (Qty 1)

M3-M4-M5 T-Nut Assortment (Qty 1)

Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks (Qty 1)

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