ND Filter case for Camera Butter Black Diamond filters

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  • Variante 1: Black Diamond filter - TPU insert
  • Variante 2: Black Diamond filter case - PLA Case


Die originale Beschreibung des Autors

This is a case to hold 4 33x36mm filters. It is designed to hold the Camera Butter Black Diamond series filters:


However it should also fit the TBS Jello guard filters.

Inspired by a design I found by PacificFlyingMachines, I designed this case to have a pretty unique feature:

The filters are held in by a TPU insert that you can remove from the case - because there are holes in the TPU, you can see through the filters to help you judge the filter that you want to use based on the light and the amount of filtering you want.

The filters are held in by a little slot on each side. The TPU insert can be removed by the little tab where it sticks out from the case on the side.

You may need to play around with the extrusion of the TPU to get it to hold the filters well enough to keep them in, but also so they can be removed easily.

You will need 2 M3 screws between 17mm and 22mm to put in the hinges (don't overtighten them)

For the case, print in PLA (or something stronger if you wish), use 100% infill and use supports for the 2 hinges on the bottom piece, but make sure that there are no supports INSIDE the hinges. To do this, you can turn on "don't support bridges" and "support only on the build plate".

For the insert, use TPU (I used Sainsmart and it worked perfectly) with about 30% infill. You will likely need light supports for the slots on the sides of each filter piece.

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ND Filter case for Camera Butter Black Diamond filters by mactac
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