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This is a replacement mounting for a powered rear view mirror. There can't be very many mounting variations for car rear view mirrors. So, in theory, this mounting should fit a number of different vehicles. In this case, it has been designed for a Toyota RAV4 XA50 (2020 model) fifth generation SUV. More specifically, it is intended for use with a NikoMaku AS-3 Pro 12"""" rear view mirror with dash cam & rear view camera (link at end).

Please note, I haven't yet received my new RAV4 SUV so some physical aspects of the mounting & fitting have yet to be finalised.

RAV4's (and several other cars that I've driven) seem to have a glaring shortcoming, despite having a large rear window they have really poor view via the rear view mirror. My previous vehicle was a station wagon with exceptional all round view to the rear. Of course, SUVs make up for this with large wing mirrors and those people with more readies could invest in the top-of-the-range model with a factory fitted powered rear view mirror.

In my case, the NikoMaku mirror not only solved the issue of poor rear view (due to a remote camera mounted in the trail but also came with a dashcam which I also desperately wanted.

Like most powered rear view mirrors, the NikoMaku has the front facing lens built into one side of the mirror. Unfortunately the RAV4 has a large plastic cover on the front windscreen which houses various electronic components. This has the problem of obscuring a large portion of the front facing view.

There are 2 possible solutions, move the mirror downward or move the mirror forward. The first would lessen the drivers forward view (something to be avoided) so this mounting is aimed at the second solution. As its not yet possible to physically test fit the mounting, it is possible that the final solution may be a combination of the two.

The original RAV4 mirror is a dual ball jointed designed whereas the Nikomaku comes with its own fixed mounting bracket & arm. This comes in 2 parts meaning that the arm can be detached from the mounting.

So, with the objective of moving the mirror forwards, this replacement mounting has the anchoring post moved lower down and shortened. This necessitates relocating the locking screw.

I recommend replacing the provided M5 locking screw with a M5 hex head screw. Tight tolerances mean that it is not possible to get a """"regular"""" screwdriver at the right angle. However a ball hex key will fit if the screw is partially screwed in prior to attaching the arm. I experimented with several M5 hex headed screws that I had on hand but eventually settled on a 10mm domed hex head.

I haven't yet printed the final version... my intention is to use either ABS or carbon fiber infused PLA. The mounting is attached to the windscreen which means that it can expect to be heated up by the sun. I'm expecting no more than 100 deg C which should put it below the melting point of the plastic but we'll see.

The mount should be printed with brim support as its orientation makes it a bit front heavy.

I've also included a mounting shroud for the rear camera (plus fittings). It is intended that this will be screwed in to the upper plastic trim of the tailgate such that it faces outwards through the rear window. It has been designed to be attached using 2xM3 screws (I had them leftover from another project). Again, this is intended for use with the remote rear camera supplied with the NikoMaku mirror.

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