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SoftRF Gehäuse für TTGO T-Beam Einzelteile

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Gehäuse für ein TTGO T-Beam Board zum Einsatz mit dem SoftRF Projekt.

Originalbeschreibung des Models auf Thingiverse:

This type of enclosure is built around TTGO T-Beam LoRaWAN GNSS tracker board.
SoftRF is an open project (GNU LGPL) for aircraft collision avoidance avionics.

SoftRF is compatible with four most common ISM band aircraft collision avoidance protocols:

  • "Air V6" ;
  • OGN tracker ;
  • PilotAware ;
  • FANET+ (Skytraxx).


Two variants of this enclosure are available. One is with GoPro mount and another one - without it.

Optional 0.96" OLED front panel is a remix of this design.
Be aware that average 0.96" OLED display does not perform well against sun light.
Two variants of the panel are available:

  • the first design is for generic 0.96" OLED ;
  • the other one is for TTGO version of the display.

NOTICE: Battery status LED and antenna cutouts are applicable for V05-V07 revision(s) of the TTGO T-Beam. Earlier revisions may not match.
Files that have -V10 suffix are best suited for most recent V10 (20190612) revision of the board.


SoftRF case v5 ( for TTGO T-Beam ) by xkremator

Published on August 9, 2018

Creative Commons - Attribution