TSB-2555BXZ3 Side-Address Shock Isolated Saddle for BM-700 / BM-800

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This is a combination saddle and post for mounting a Transound TSB-2555BXZ3 capsule in a generic Chinese microphone body (BM-700 / BM-800) for side-address use. It should print fine without additional support on most printers.

The mounting holes should match the holes in any of the BM-700 and BM-800 derivative microphones. The one caveat is that some of these microphones only have two of the four holes tapped in their upper plates. The holes are tapped to take M2.5 screws. This will work with only two screws, but if you decide to fully populate the mounting screws, be aware you may need to purchase a tap and tap handle in order to finish the job.

The mounting holes are designed to take shock isolating grommets used for RC servos. Du-Bro #115 "Natural Rubber Grommets for Small Servos" or equivalent work fine.

The stock screws that come with the donor mic will likely be too short to use with this mount because of the additional thickness of the grommets. I used M2.5x6mm screws with M2.5 washers to mount mine. This is the shortest screw I would consider.

For this mount, the wires run down a hole through the middle of the post. The hole is 3mm in diameter, so there's not a lot of room for wires. But you shouldn't need more than 3mm to get the job done. Neumann uses the equivalent of 30ga wire on their mics. I used 28ga and still had room to wiggle. The thinner and floppier the wire, the less microphonic coupling you'll get through the capsule wires.

Attach the capsule to the saddle using an adhesive like E6000.

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